July 2012

Getting kids to clean their room

I am not good at this particular task as a parent.

One of the hardest things I fight with my children about is their rooms. I can get them to do some chores around the house, but when it comes to their rooms, it is almost impossible. How do parents do this?

If I ask my 16-year-old to clean her room, she will. It often takes her two or three days, but it gets cleaned. My 9-year-old daughter, on the other hand, is completely different. She will avoid it for as long as she can. She will go in her room and act like she is cleaning, but she really isn’t. 

Accomplishing weekly cleaning duties

Here is a way to get your family to help out more.

I have been having a lot of trouble with my family helping out around the home, especially my husband. He claims he doesn’t know what needs to be done and that led me to an idea.

I created a chart that lists every duty that needs to be done on a weekly basis. It is a very specific list and I created it on a spreadsheet so it has dates and boxes to check. In addition to this, I created a monthly list of things that only need to be done periodically. 

Surprises in your kids’ rooms

What’s your craziest find?

It seems like every other month (at the very least) you can find me buried up to my neck in my only child’s room, dumping pieces of junk into two bags—one for trash, one for donation. I say two bags; ha. That’s only what I start with. How does she accumulate all of this stuff when I can count on one hand the toys we’ve purchased for her this year? Swim goggles and a stuffed cardinal bird… Honestly, I can’t remember anything else since Easter, yet here she is with gobs and gobs of more stuff.

Well, she is the only child in the family right now—meaning that her aunts (and great-aunts) and uncles and grandparents really dote on her quite a bit, and wherever she goes, she ends up bringing an armful of stuff home (whether it was given freely or she talked someone out of some yard sale find or old stuffed thing they had lying around). Every time I go through all of this and come up with bags of both trash and donation items, I also find some of the most curious items of my life.