December 2010

Storing Christmas

It’s about time to pack all of the Saint Nicholas, baby Jesus, and Frosty the Snowman gear away (unless you’re one of those annoying people who leaves up your decorations until March, and your lights year-round), and for some, it will be as simple as taking their tree out to be chopped for wood. But for others, who may have experienced a Yuletide vomiting of tinsel and noel-stenciled candles in their homes, it will certainly prove to be a more daunting task.

Here are some simple, quick tips on storing your Christmas decorations this year.

How To Clean A Cell Phone

First question: why clean a cell phone?  I answer with a question: have you LOOKED at your cell phone recently?  I mean really looked at it.  Look at the crud caked on the hinge, the mysterious stuff in between the keys, the patina of face oil (and makeup, if you wear it) on the screen.

Not to mention all the things you can't see.  Every once in a while a news show will get the urge to run a story about all the bacteria and viruses that can be cultured from a simple swab of your phone.  A recent Stanford study says the average cell phone has "18 times more germs than a toilet handle."

A New Year's Cleaning

New Year's Eve is coming up, and in a lot of traditions, this means a big house cleaning!  It's understandable to want to greet the new year with a house that sparkles and shines.  This is a particularly appealing thought coming as it does in the dead of winter.  I don't know about you, but I'm starting to get a little claustrophobic in here!  And it's just so DARK.

Most traditions specify that you have to do your cleaning on New Year's Eve, and NOT on New Year's Day.  The idea here is to clean your house to greet the new year. 

In fact, in the Chinese tradition, you absolutely must not do any cleaning on the first day of the new year, because you will be cleaning out and throwing away any good luck which came into your house with the change of the year.

Coke: Possible Cleaning Solution?


Coca Cola No folks, I am not talking about the illegal drug coke. I am actually talking about the famous classical soda pop soft drink…..coca cola or coke for short. Millions of people in this nation drink some sort of sweet soft drink in their life. And there are some that do not drink soda pop. Soda pop contains many sugars and high calories, which is not exactly a healthy drink for us. With the obesity weight gain numbers sky-rocketing to a high percentage, millions of Americans are addicted to soda pop. Not only is soda pop not good for you, but deteriorating for your health. Your health is the most important thing in your life. Taking care of yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself in this lifetime. Why waste a bottle of soda pop? Why drink it? If we know that it’s not great for us, why consume more calories and sugar into our diet?