September 2010

How To Handwash Clothes, And Why

I don't know if you've noticed, but it seems like clothes are being made more and more shabbily.  Maybe it's because sweatshop labor is so much more common, or maybe it's simply a function of clothing companies finding ways to bring down costs while keeping price the same. 

At any rate, clothes seem to fall apart a lot faster than they used to.  One big cause of failure is the laundry cycle.  If you have a top-loading laundry machine, your clothes are being thrashed unmercifully at laundry time - even if you use the delicate cycle.

For this reason alone, I always handwash my "important" clothes.  You know - ThinkGeek shirts, my last pair of jeans, that kind of thing.

Cleaning the Cupboards

I'm with Helen - I don't know why, but I always get caught up in a big bout of "spring cleaning" at about this time of the year.  Something about heading into the long dark winter makes me want to clear the decks, both mentally and physically.

Also, late summer is when the pantry pests tend to really go wild.  Blecch!  Pantry moths and pantry beetles can wreak havoc on your supplies and seriously gross you out.  They also indicate that foods are not being safely stored, which can lead to mold and serious illness.