September 2009

Cut Your Paper Trail with Junkbusters

You know you’ve been domesticated when an opportunity to declutter your home with little work brings tears to your eyes.

From junk mail to spam mail to phone solicitors, keeping the junk out of our homes is sometimes out of our hands.  Sure, you can recycle it on your way into the house—but who sorts their mail while walking? Besides, winter’s coming up soon, and that sidewalk’s gonna be slippery. No walking-sorting hybrid multitasking for you.

So then what are you left with? Piles of junk that require more sorting, recycling, pitching, or diabolical plotting (ever sent those reply-cards with free postage back empty, or with a “surprise” in them? I usually include a leaflet about saying no to fur or something. Fun!).

Getting Pots And Pans Spic And Span

For some reason this weekend I was struck by the urge to get my pans SHINY again.  Not the inside of the pans - those are perfectly clean - but the outsides.  My pans hang in the kitchen, so the dreary griminess is very visible to myself and any visitors!  I spent a lot of time researching solutions, and I had some successes and some failures.  

Problem: Hard water stains on EVERYTHING.  My house has a well system, and our ground water is pretty darned hard, even after it's been run through the water softener.  I get white mineral deposits anywhere that water is allowed to dry.

Behold: The Mold-Murderer!

We had a rather unpleasant surprise this week when I came down with an unexpected allergy attack. It was so bad that it was nearly flu-like, complete with drippy nose, watery eyes and aching everywhere. I couldn’t even breath with my nose, which is always the pits (even with those nose strips—they feel so weird when you wear them).

It seems the air conditioner in our bedroom—which is not connected with the rest of the house, which has central air—started to leak. We didn’t even use it much, but apparently we used it enough to foster some lovely mold on our wall and even a bit in the carpet.

It’s stinky, it’s wrecking havoc on my allergies…and it’s unfamiliar territory. So how do we go about getting rid of this mold?

I did some asking around and some researching, and I’m sharing the ones I’ve found and been advised here.