Forget Girl power Squeegee Power

Forget Girl power Squeegee Power

Squeegee Power to the Rescue

Did you know that squeegees can be the rock of housecleaning? It's true, I know it doesn't really seem like it would be yet it is. A simple squeegee can eliminate the need to c lean things twice which basically reducing your workload and saves valuable time that can be spent doing the things you love.



I discovered this great knowledge by mere accident. I was out one day with a friend and we stumbled across a Dollar Store that try as we might we just can't help but to wonder in. So while we were in the Dollar Store I wondered over to the cleaning section with the purpose of picking sponges for $1 opposed to the normal retail price of $3 plus. It was their that I discovered a squeegee and it immediately hit me that a squeegee would eliminate the spots that forever remained on my bathroom tiles.


It didn't take long for me to discover that the power of a squeegee went far beyond bathroom tiles. I quickly decided that since squeegee are usually used for window cleaning then I should probably toss the paper towels that always left streaks and use my handy little squeegee on not only my windows, also my mirrors. I also was able to use my squeegee to prevent water from pooling behind my sink in that little area that I can't always seem to get my rag into, I'm sure you know the exact spot that I'm talking about.


The following week I was scrubbing my floors with a large scrubber and realized yet again that my squeegee would definitely cut back on my work. Instead of scrubbing my floor with excess liquid and then trying to mop it all up I was able to squeegee it over to my drain tile. The only downfall is that I've had to purchase more than one squeegee just to avoid going from one type of surface to another. Since all squeegees look basically the same I've had to label them with tape however I am currently searching for squeegees that come with different colored handles that way I can be color coded.