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My Dish Cleaning Story

A never ending headache

A while back I decided to buy myself a dish scrubber. It seemed like the perfect idea, I would have a little scrubber with dish soap already inside waiting for any dish. No longer would I have to wait for dishes to pile up and wash dishes the old standard way, I would be able to immediately wash whatever I used and sit it to the side to dry. Seems perfect right? Think again.

I believe that when I decided to buy my first dish scrubber I picked up a Scott Dish Scrubber. It worked absolutely perfect just as I had imagined. That was until I needed to replace my sponge. They were out, so I thought maybe I could get a sponge for a different one. After all, how different could they be? As it turns out they can be quite a bit different.

My dish soap leaked out of the sides of my dish scrubber and ran all over the place, a result of having the wrong sponge. It didn’t take too long before I begrudgingly returned to the store to buy a new dish scrubber, the one that went to the sponge I had. In an effort to not waste I placed my old dish scrubber under the sink. Oddly enough this same problem eventually repeated itself and now I have 6 different scrubbers under my sink. In one way this has helped in that it’s safe to believe no matter what sponge I buy at the store, it’ll fit one of my dish scrubbers. The only problem is that my dish scrubber bucket under my sink is now becoming a mess in itself, if this madness keeps up I think I’m just going to have to buy a dishwasher and be done with it once and for all.