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What is the H2O Mop?

I have been hearing and seeing a lot of things about the H2O mop and I am considering getting one. This mop is a 5 in 1 mop system that is able to clean anything. I have hard wood floors in my home, along with ceramic tile and carpeting and I am just wondering if it is good as it says it is.


This mop claims that it cleans all types of floors, even carpet. That sounds like something that I need. There are several key benefits it offers too. The first and primary benefit is that it only uses water. It uses the water by turning it into steam. The floors are cleaned with steam alone, meaning that you do not have to use any chemicals on your floors. Because it uses steam, it is able to sanitize the floors too. That in itself sounds really good to me, especially for my bathrooms. I have a real phobia with bathroom germs, so knowing that my floors are sanitized would be a great feeling.

I own two dogs. They are small Yorkies, but they can leave messes behind. This is another drawing point for the H2O mop. It has the ability to remove stains left on carpet. This would be really helpful. It also comes with attachments. One of these is for cleaning furniture. That again would be beneficial in my home.

The problem is that I do not know if I believe that it cleans as well as it claims. I have read reviews on it, and for the most part they appear to be really good. This is one thing I will have to think about for a while before I decide to purchase one.