Surprises in your kids’ rooms

Surprises in your kids’ rooms

What’s your craziest find?

It seems like every other month (at the very least) you can find me buried up to my neck in my only child’s room, dumping pieces of junk into two bags—one for trash, one for donation. I say two bags; ha. That’s only what I start with. How does she accumulate all of this stuff when I can count on one hand the toys we’ve purchased for her this year? Swim goggles and a stuffed cardinal bird… Honestly, I can’t remember anything else since Easter, yet here she is with gobs and gobs of more stuff.

Well, she is the only child in the family right now—meaning that her aunts (and great-aunts) and uncles and grandparents really dote on her quite a bit, and wherever she goes, she ends up bringing an armful of stuff home (whether it was given freely or she talked someone out of some yard sale find or old stuffed thing they had lying around). Every time I go through all of this and come up with bags of both trash and donation items, I also find some of the most curious items of my life.For example, this week I found some pistachio shells with glued lentils on them—these really were no surprise—but I also found plenty of candy wrappers, balloons filled with glue, cut-up paper and pieces of yarn (I mean gobs of it) that were identified by my child as “food for her stuffed animals.” I found a mini M&M’s container filled with discarded cat hair which alarmed me at first, until I realized that it wasn’t cut but simply the round tufts that Noke, our fluffiest cat, leaves behind pretty much everywhere he sits.

Then there was the Lil’ Cutie orange. We buy lots and lots of them, as we eat lots and lots of them. My husband gets a discount at work, so we buy them in bulk. This orange was sitting innocently, peel still attached, within a tiny Tupperware container, complete with lid. I pulled it out of a backpack and just started laughing uncontrollably.

“I thought I might get hungry,” my daughter defended as I continued to laugh, tears running down my face. My husband entered the room to see if I was finally losing my mind, took one look, and started laughing, too. The thing wasn’t even decomposed, so we just set it on the kitchen table for now. I’m thinking of keeping it as a decoration—at least, until I stop laughing every time I look at it.

What’s the best surprise, or craziest find, you’ve ever come across while cleaning out your child’s room?