Spring Cleaning Should Be Done Twice a Year

Spring Cleaning Should Be Done Twice a Year

I’m not sure why they call it spring cleaning.  Sure, spring is a great time to do something big, with all that new life and energy flowing through the world, but do you really want to be spending those first warm, sunny days stuck in the house cleaning out last winter’s dust?  I don’t. 

A deep cleaning only one time per year doesn’t really seem sufficient, either.  That seems like an awful lot of work to pile on at once.  What would happen if you cleaned your house like that twice a year?  We do, because that’s usually about the time I start getting sick to death of clutter and the dirt that hides in the far reaches of the rooms.

So to really get things clean and do minimize the work you do at any given deep cleaning, maybe spring cleaning twice a year is the way to go.  That gives you time to go through the kids’ clothes for the next couple of seasons and find out what needs to be replaced or bought ahead.

Spring cleaning in the fall and spring will help with making those big seasonal changes, such as putting the winter draperies out, putting away the patio furniture and cleaning out the flowerbeds.  It is also nice to put the house to bed for the winter with fresh drapes, no cobwebs and no clutter.  After all, you will be spending more time than ever indoors, so shouldn’t it be clean and enjoyable?

What about in your home?  Do you deep clean more than once per year?  Does that make the job easier or are you doubling up on your work?