Hire a Housekeeper

Hire a Housekeeper

Like most people, I hate cleaning, but I love the end result.  Nothing stresses me out faster than coming home to a dirty house, or coming in from my office to see dishes piled up and dirt on the floor.  Between raising the kids, working from home and running a small farm, however, my husband and I don’t often have the time to get the house clean, and I can’t remember the last time anything was deep cleaned.

If your schedule is full and the state of your house is depressing, it might be time to consider hiring a housekeeper.  That doesn’t have to be as involved as it may sound.  You could hire someone to come by once or twice a week for a couple of hours to catch up on the light stuff, or have someone come once or twice a month to really get things cleaned up for you.

Knowing when to hire something out is part of being wise and delegating your time properly.  When you consider that you can find a thorough, reliable housekeeper for $10-$20 an hour, it really isn’t that big of an expense.

Think of the work you do.  Because you are paid for it, you probably do a better job than if you did it voluntarily.  I think the same is true of a housekeeper.  They are professionals who enjoy doing what they do, and since they get paid to do it, they’re going to do a better job than we are when we can easily put things off for later.

So instead of staying stressed out about the state of your house, consider hiring a housekeeper to get it clean and remove some of the burden from your plate.