Getting ready for the holidays

Getting ready for the holidays

Now is the time to start preparing your home for the events of the next few months.

September is almost winding down to the end and October is right around the corner. For me, October is the month when I start preparing my home for the holidays.

Fall is my favorite season of the year, and I love decorating my home with fall things. I have just started unpacking my fall decorations and I will be placing them around my home in the next few days. This is also a great time to clean my home. As I decorate each room, I also complete a deep cleaning of that room. I don’t decorate every room in my home, so this is really not that big of a job.

I always begin in my living room. This is the room that will be decorated from now until after Christmas. Until Thanksgiving, I will keep a fall theme throughout my living room and kitchen. The weekend of Thanksgiving, it will all get changed. That is the weekend that I begin my Christmas decorating.

I have found that if I deep clean the rooms that I decorate with fall items, decorating for Christmas is much easier. My house will still be relatively clean, and when I remove the fall decorations, I can begin right away with the Christmas decorations.

I have also found that once Christmas is over, my home is ready for another deep cleaning. This works out well though because while I am packing up Christmas decorations, I can also deep clean each room as I go and this works out really well.