Distractions Galore, How in the World am I going to Clean?

Distractions Galore, How in the World am I going to Clean?

Sometimes while trying to clean I get distracted, on those days cleaning disasters just may happen if I’m not careful. Through trial and error, I have been able to combat cleaning disasters of all sizes. It seems silly and well redundant, however it works so I’m going with it.

If I am having one of those distracted days, I sit down immediately and literally write down everything that I plan to clean. Not just the room, anyone who has suffered from common distractions or another problem, an overactive mind knows that the only solution is simple small steps. What does that mean you ask?

Let me tell you. In order for me to clean during these times, I must make a to do list with steps. That means I need to list dishes, counters, sinks, sweeping floor and mopping floor. There are other steps listed in my kitchen as well. I’m certain you get the general idea though.

This seems so silly, after all you would think that I could clean my kitchen from top to bottom at any time without instruction. Apparently not, and hopefully you’re not laughing at me yet. I really can’t explain it other than I get to distracted sometimes and absolutely must go through this process or I swear, I ‘ll never get through cleaning my house.

I will however say this much, I don’t seem to need to do list in other areas regardless of my distractions and I know several people who can’t seem to make it through the day without forgetting something vital without their list. I guess that simply means that different people use to do list for different reasons. In fact there are probably others that I’ve yet to meet who also need the occasional list to clean.