Cleaning with Lemons

Cleaning with Lemons

“Looking for a natural way to clean? Try using lemons.”

There are so many cleaning products available at any discount or grocery store you go to. How do you know which ones are safe and which ones actually work? And why is it that there is a different cleaning product for every type of cleaning activity? Well, get rid of all of those products, grab a few lemons and start cleaning.

Lemons are a natural and safe way to clean almost anything in your home. Cleaning with lemons also leaves a clean, fresh scent in your home. Lemons can be used to clean pots and pans, sinks, appliances, countertops, showers and much more.

When you are cleaning pots and pans, try using a lemon next time. It will make removing rust very easy from brass, stainless steel and copper pans. Just take a lemon and cut it in half. Dip one of the halves in salt and scrub it over the pans. The rust will come off very easily and the pots will be left really clean. You can also mix lemon juice with salt to make a paste that works great for cleaning sinks, tubs and showers.

Lemons also work great to remove those stubborn stains in plastic storage containers. If you have ever stored pasta in a container, those red stains are very hard to remove. Next time that happens, squeeze some juice from a lemon in the container and then add a little baking soda. Leave this mixture in the container overnight, and by the next day, the stains will rinse out.

One last suggestion is to mix lemon juice and water in a spray bottle. Use this solution to clean almost anything. It works great for counters, spills on floors and bathrooms.