A Clean House Isn’t Worth Breast Cancer

A Clean House Isn’t Worth Breast Cancer

As more information becomes available and more companies produce eco-friendly and healthier alternatives to household products, we’re gradually learning about the risks we face when it comes to the items we buy and fill our homes with. A new study from the journal Environmental Health suggests that women who use household cleaning products on a regular basis may be doubling their risk of breast cancer as they wash, dust, and prepare their homes for the white glove test.

Billions of dollars go into the cleaning chemical industry, telling us every day that for healthy, clean homes all we need is this all-purpose cleaner or that dusting product and we’ll be good to go. Sadly, the opposite is actually true. Mold and mildew cleaners in particular have been recently linked to a doubled risk of breast cancer in women.

The chemicals found in these products are known carcinogens that affect the mammary glands. They also disrupt the endocrine system. It’s no secret that America is completely lax in its laws regulating harmful chemicals; dozens of chemicals that are outlawed in other nations—known to cause these problems—are perfectly legal in the United States. And naturally, the American Cleaning Institute—which has nothing to do with cleaning and everything to do with lobbying for the companies who produce these products—are claiming the study is false, that cleaning products are A-OK, and that Environmental Health and the doctors who say that people who use these cleaning agents should exercise caution with them should all just shut their pie holes.

As far as I’m concerned, we’re finished listening to the big businesses in this country. Look at what they’ve done over the past few decades to the American people, their jobs, their homes, their health. It’s time for us to stand up and demand safer products, disclosed information, warning labels appropriate to the products themselves, and definitely bans on the chemicals our fellow nations of the world have already banned.

Until our government does this, however—which will be on a cold day in Hell if we don’t pressure them to do it!—we can easily fix the problem on our own by refusing to buy household cleaners and making our own. In many cases, water and a washcloth can easily be used with a bit of elbow grease to clean your home. When it can’t, you can make your own products very easily with just vinegar and lemons. Here are some great natural cleaning recipes you can use.

And how clean do you really need your house to be, anyway? I’d rather have a bit of dust and streaky windows than breast cancer, myself. Let’s not give these companies another dime until they agree to use safer chemicals in their products.