Preparing for Thanksgiving

Let your guests help you out.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and you may be wondering how this holiday arrived so quickly. Life is like that. It just keeps going faster and faster, and the thought of having Thanksgiving dinner at your home might be a thought that scares you.

If you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you will need to prepare your house. This will take time and effort, and there are ways to make this easier. One of the best ways is to ask your guests for help. This doesn’t mean that they will come to your house and help you clean, but it does mean that they will bring food and drinks with them. If you have less to cook and prepare, you can focus more on getting your home ready.

Not only will you have to clean your home, but you might be interested in decorating your table so that it looks festive. This may mean deciding what dishes to use and what dishes to serve the food in. All of this takes work, but if this is all you have to focus on, it will not be nearly as bad.

One way to get this done is to make a list of your guests and make a list of the food items you would like to have. You might want to offer to make the turkey and other meats if necessary, but you could ask the guests to bring the rest. Don’t forget side dishes, salads, drinks and desserts. All of these things are important components of Thanksgiving.

Utilize your closet space

Spend time organizing your closets to get more use out of them.

Most of us feel like we do not have enough closet space in our home, but if you use the space you have in an effective manner, you probably do have enough space.

There is really nothing you can do about a lack of closet space in your home, unless you are willing to remodel it. This is not an option for most of us, so we must deal with the space that we have and use it the best we can. If you take a look inside most of your closets, you may see a cluttered mess. This is normal and most people have this problem. The thing is though, you can change this. It is not extremely costly to do this, and it can make a huge difference.

What you need to do is come up with a plan. Start with one closet that you have and develop a plan. Think about the use and purpose of the closet and then determine if that is what you are using it for. Begin looking around at closet organizational systems or shelving units. If you shop around at dollar stores or discount stores, you can find great shelves or other organizational items to use in your closets.

After purchasing the necessary items, reorganize the closet and move on to the next. You can do this without spending a lot of money, but it will take time. It is important to focus on one closet at a time and don’t move on to the next one until the previous one is finished completely.

Making decisions for the holidays

Now is the time to start getting ready for the holidays.

As Christmas is quickly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about your Christmas decorations. Getting your home ready for the holidays takes time and consideration.

One of the things that you should think about is whether you will get a real Christmas tree or an artificial one. I have had both in the past, and I must say that I prefer artificial. While a real tree may look a little nicer and offer a nice aroma, it can be a huge mess. 

The last time I used a real tree, I found tree bristles in my home for the next year. I just couldn’t get rid of them, and that is why I stick with artificial trees now. Besides, an artificial tree will last for many years and this is a great way to save money.

You will also need to prepare a place for your tree. If you have a large home, this might be easy. My home is not very large and it requires moving the furniture in order to make room for it. We have recently renovated our basement and we are now considering putting it down there because there is space and because it looks great down there.

My husband was concerned that we don’t spend enough time down there though, and he thought that we would not be able to enjoy it enough. That decision is still up in the air for us. Now is also a good time to begin thinking about decorations and determining what you need to purchase for the holidays.

Home decorating: Think simple

I received this advice many years ago and it is so true.

One of the best pieces of advice I have ever received regarding cleaning and decorating my home is to think simple. This is something I was told many years ago and I think of it often.

Have you ever been in someone’s home and you notice that the entire home is covered in decorations from the floor to the ceiling. Now I am not talking about messy homes; I am talking about decorated homes. The home is just so packed full of decorative items that it looks cluttered. This can be a great look in some homes, if it is done right, but it can also be an eyesore.

To me, too much stuff is not good. I would rather keep my home simple and that is because I like to think of the advice I was given. A less cluttered home, in my opinion, looks better than a home that is completely full of stuff, even if the stuff is all decorative.

By keeping your home decorated in a simple way, you will be able to clean it faster. You will have less stuff to dust and you will not have to sift through mountains of items to find out which ones don’t belong.

Homes that are free from clutter have a neater appearance too, even if they are not spotless. Having a simple home doesn’t mean that you cannot decorate it though, but it means that you should limit the amount of decorations you place in the rooms in your home.

Organizing your child's bedroom

This can be a very tough task.

If you are tired of seeing your child’s bedroom a mess, you may want to take some of these tips for organizing it. Kids play a lot and they are usually not concerned with the way their rooms look. This is completely normal, but it is also frustrating for parents.

One great way to organize a kid’s room is to deep clean it. As you do this, you must get rid of things. If you have to do this while the child is gone, that is fine. That is what I have to do sometimes, otherwise nothing will get thrown away. You can throw things away or donate them to a charity.

As you are deep cleaning, have some storage containers available. Buy ones that will slide under the child’s bed, or that can be stacked in the child’s closet. Use these containers to organize the child’s toys and items. One of my daughters liked to make craft items a lot and I always made her keep her supplies in a huge tub. This tub fit under her bed and it helped her keep her room clean.

Force your children to help with the cleaning. Most young kids are not capable of really cleaning their rooms. They might be able to shove things under the bed or in the dresser, but the room will not be clean. On the other hand, some parents do all of the cleaning. I am suggesting that you do it together. Teach your child how to clean and how to organize his or her things.

Simple ways to de-clutter your home

Try these simple tips to de-clutter your home.

My mom is constantly battling the clutter in her home and it doesn’t help that my dad is constantly going to garage sales and flea markets to buy things for her. Yesterday I spoke to her on the phone, and gave her these tips. She is always jealous coming into my home because she wishes hers was more organized like mine, but I told her that it is possible; it will just take time.

  1. Focus on one room at a time: One of her main problems is that she jumps around from room to room. She works on a drawer in one room and then moves on to a pile of clutter in another room. While she is making some progress, it is not enough and it is not evident. If you focus on one room at a time, you will not only have one room really clean, but you will also have an incentive to keep going.
  2. Move on to the next room: After accomplishing one room, then it is fine to move on to the next room. The problem with her is that she will prematurely move on without thinking.
  3. Spend five minutes in the clean room. The other key to success is to spend 5 to 10 minutes every single day in the room that is clean. This will help it stay clean, and it will help you feel better. After getting two rooms perfectly cleaned, spend five minutes a day in each of those rooms to make sure they stay clean.
  4. Give yourself a junk room. If your house is out of control, allow yourself one area to store junk. This is the place that you will use when you find things in rooms that you do not know what to do with. Leave this room for last.

Getting ready for the holidays

Now is the time to start preparing your home for the events of the next few months.

September is almost winding down to the end and October is right around the corner. For me, October is the month when I start preparing my home for the holidays.

Fall is my favorite season of the year, and I love decorating my home with fall things. I have just started unpacking my fall decorations and I will be placing them around my home in the next few days. This is also a great time to clean my home. As I decorate each room, I also complete a deep cleaning of that room. I don’t decorate every room in my home, so this is really not that big of a job.

I always begin in my living room. This is the room that will be decorated from now until after Christmas. Until Thanksgiving, I will keep a fall theme throughout my living room and kitchen. The weekend of Thanksgiving, it will all get changed. That is the weekend that I begin my Christmas decorating.

I have found that if I deep clean the rooms that I decorate with fall items, decorating for Christmas is much easier. My house will still be relatively clean, and when I remove the fall decorations, I can begin right away with the Christmas decorations.

I have also found that once Christmas is over, my home is ready for another deep cleaning. This works out well though because while I am packing up Christmas decorations, I can also deep clean each room as I go and this works out really well.

Tips for cleaning for an event

The key to a clean home for your event is starting early.

If you have a big event planned at your home in a few weeks or months, it is never too early to begin planning for this event. One of the main things that you will need to plan is a way to get your house as clean as possible.To begin this, you must make a plan. I like to take a piece of paper and write down each room and area in my home. I then make a schedule of when I will clean each room. The way I do this is simple, I will begin by putting one room on the schedule for each day, or every other day.

This will depend on how much time you have available. When I begin on the first room, the goal is to clean the room as good as I can. This means cleaning every nook and cranny in the room. It also means removing any junk or items that don’t belong in that room.

Each day I follow my list and I cross off rooms as I complete them. If you start this process a few weeks in advance, you will have plenty of time to accomplish this. The week of the event, I go through and do the same thing again. Of course, this time through is so much easier because all of the rooms have recently been cleaned very deeply. By the day of the event, your house will be cleaner than it has been in a very long time.

Bathtub cleaning tips

Cleaning a bathtub is a tough job.

One household chore that I really despise is bathtub cleaning. This is one of the worst jobs, in my opinion. I have learned though that if I keep up with cleaning it, keeping it clean is much easier. Here are some tips for you to help you keep yours clean.

I have learned that once I get my tub cleaned, I need to keep up with it. Therefore, the first step is to get the tub cleaned out perfectly. To do this, I recommend using gloves, a cleaner and an SOS pad. The cleaner that you use should be one that works well for you. I have found that cleaners like Comet or Softscrub with Bleach work best for me. I alternate with these depending on which one I happen to have on the day that I clean my tub.

To begin, put the gloves on and remove everything from the tub. This means that you should take out all of the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and soap. Set all of these things out of the way and then rinse the entire with water so that it is wet. Pour some of the solution in the tub. I like to start at the top and work my way down, so I always begin with the sides of the tub. Scrub with the SOS pad and watch the soap scum and stains disappear.

When the tub is completely clean, rinse it out thoroughly and then dry it with a towel. Every couple of days, you can touch it up and your tub will stay cleaner for longer.

General cleaning tips

Cleaning tips are always appreciated; here are a few.

Here are some tips for some normal cleaning activities that you may do on a regular basis. These tips are designed to help you clean more effectively and this will ultimately lead to a cleaner home.My number one tip for cleaning projects is to start from the top and work your way down. By doing this, all of the dust that you move during cleaning will fall to the ground. The last step in cleaning should always be the floors because of this. Do everything else before you clean the floors and your home will look and feel a lot cleaner.

If you decide to clean your windows, choose a cloudy day to do this. If you work in direct sunlight, your windows are more likely to have streaks left on them because of the sun. The sun will cause the cleaning solution to dry really fast and this is often what leaves streaks on your windows. Also, clean your windows with a mixture of vinegar and water for very clean windows.

Another cleaning activity that you might forget to do is your screens. The inside of your windows and your screens is the perfect place for dust to settle. Clean this by starting with a vacuum that has an attachment. Use the attachment to clean these areas and then get a bucket full of soapy water to finish. Use a mild detergent and hot water and then use a sponge to clean the screens and window sill areas and these will look great.